About de Sarthe Gallery

de Sarthe Gallery was founded in 1977 in Paris, later establishing galleries in America and most recently Hong Kong. It represents and exhibits a diverse spectrum of international artists, from important modern masters to a generation of emerging talents. de Sarthe Gallery's artists include established icons; Zao Wou-Ki, Chu Teh-Chun, de Kooning, Andy Warhol and Chen Zhen as well as contemporary figures Wang Guofeng and Lin Jingjing, amongst others. de Sarthe Gallery aims to provide the international audience with a strong series of curated group and solo shows, which is complimented by a rigorous publication programme.

In 2014, de Sarthe Gallery will inaugurate a second gallery space in Beijing. The second gallery will be dedicated to contemporary art from China, prominently positioning the presence of de Sarthe Gallery in the international art scene.