Double Fly Art Center

Double Fly Art Center is a group of nine artists that was established in 2008, a year that saw the beginning of a new era for contemporary art in China. The financial bubble behind the Chinese art market had burst and focus moved away from the cynical-realism of the later 20th century to the nuanced, intersectional, and heady art of the 21st century. Reacting to the moment, as well as the tremendous social, cultural, and economic changes of the time Double Fly Art Center began to stage absurd, suggestive, and comical performances. Their work critically engaged art world systems, market forces, social cliques, and the transnational art ecology, while also skewering social and cultural norms within Mainland China. Their colorful, loud, insane, and bombastic performances created a platform for discourse that still stands today. They are recognized as one of the most influential and important artist groups working in China.

An in depth look into their practice was recently published on the cover of Yishu and can be read here.

Their solo exhibitions include, Double Fly Awkward Pay, de Sarthe, Hong Kong, China (2020); No Flashy No Forget 3, Double Fly in Search of Lost Time: The Stockman of LOVE, de Art Center, Beijing, China (2019); The Bro Generation, de Sarthe Gallery, Beijing, China (2017); Double Fly 108 Deaths, chi K11 Art Museum, Shanghai, China (2016); Double Fly Egg-crushing Tournament, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China (2015); Double Fly’s Klein Blue, Space Station, Beijing, China (2015) Double Art Centre Right Means the Narrow Escape for Poets, As Good As Water, Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, AMNUA No.0 Hall, Nanjing, China (2015).

They have also exhibited in group exhibitions at prestigious institutions such as, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA), Beijing;  Long Museum, Shanghai; chi K11 art museum, Shanghai; CAFA Art Museum, Beijing; Hong Kong Visual Art Centre, Hong Kong; and the Tampa Museum of Art, St. Petersburg, Florida among many others.


Member List: Cui Shaohan, Li Ming, Li Fuchun, Lin Ke, Sun Huiyuan, Huang Liya, Wang Liang, Yang Junling, Zhang Lehua


de Sarthe past exhibitions:

Double Fly Awkward Pay, 21 November 2020 - 20 February 2021

The Bro Generation, 8 July - 10 September 2017


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