Lin Jingjing

Lin Jingjing was born in Shanghai, China in 1970. She graduated from the Fine Art department of Fujian University with a B.F.A. in 1992 before completing her advanced studies at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing in 1994. In 2020, she received an M.F.A. from School of Visual Arts in New York.

Lin Jingjing explores the depths of social and personal identity in the context of modern society, often examining themes such as confusion and quest, existence and absence, constraint and resistance through a lens of paradox. Of particular focus is how individuals define themselves amongst the effects of the outside world, vis-à-vis culture, politics, history and the economy. Her artwork spans performances, installation, painting, mixed media and video. She is also well known for layering thread over painting, installations and other mixed media to create dazzling worlds. The surreal effect created via this method immerses the viewers into another consciousness.

Lin’s works have been the subject of solo exhibitions around the world: You Can Trust Me, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, California, USA (2020); Lov-Lov Shop, de Sarthe, Hong Kong (2019); ......I......, Residency Unlimited(RU), New York, America (2018); Take Off, de Sarthe Gallery, Hong Kong (2017); Tomorrow Was Wonderful, de Sarthe Gallery, Beijing, China (2015); Promise Again for the First Time, de Sarthe Gallery, Hong Kong (2014); Possible of Impossible, Neues Kunstforum, Cologne, Germany (2012); My Promise for Your Happiness, Alexander Ochs Gallery, Beijing, China (2012); The Method Of Paradox, Museo sin muros - Museo Nacional de BellasArtes, Mall Plaza Vespucio, Santiago, Chile (2011); Rose Rose, Museo sin muros - Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Mall Plaza Trebol, Concepción, Chile (2011); Public Privacy: The Visual Memory of Lin Jingjing, Whitebox Art Center, Beijing, China (2011); Flying Alone, Magee Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain (2008). She has also exhibited in group exhibitions worldwide: Light Year 55, Projection on the Manhattan Bridge, New York, USA (2019); Look Both Ways, SVA Chelsea Gallery, New York, USA (2019); Non-Location Specific, SVA Flatiron Gallery, New York, USA (2019); Escape From, Escape To, SVA Chelsea Gallery, New York, USA (2019); Docile, SNAP Gallery, Shanghai, China (2018); Half Sky, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, China (2016); She: International Women Artists Exhibition, Long Museum, Shanghai, China (2016); Research Room III: The Working of Non-Figurative System, Right View Art Museum, Beijing, China (2016); Third Biennale Italy-China, Turin, Italy (2015); (CC)TV, Galerie Herold/Künstlerhaus Güterabfertigung, Bremen, Germany (2014); What If Objects Could Talk, OV Gallery, Shanghai, China (2014); Phoenix Symphony: Female Contemporary Arts, Tree Art Museum, Songzhuang, Beijing, China (2012); Half the Sky: Women in the New Art of China, Leonard Pearlstein Gallery, Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA (2011); Mind In Turmoil, Hand Better Busy, Long De Xuan Contemporary Art Center, Beijing, China (2010); Cruzando el horizonte: Exposición de Arte Contemporáneo de China, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago, Chile (2010).

Lin Jingjing currently lives and works in New York, USA.

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