Wang Jiajia

Wang Jiajia was born in Beijing, China in 1985. He received a BA Honours degree from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design in 2008.

Inspired by art history, comics, animation and pop culture, Wang Jiajia’s artworks are imbued with a strong personal universe of intense colors mixed with abstractions and figurations. His Adventure series in 2016 are composed of digitally sketched collages, gestural abstraction paintings as well as silkscreen techniques. A sense of urgent immediacy is articulated in the thick impasto and vivid colors underlaid with digitally edited background imageries on the paintings. This multi-layering process and choice of motifs suggest a deliberate narrative on the omnipresence of digital imageries of the contemporary landscape beckoning the spectators to embark towards a frantic, angsty and lustful journey longing for digital imageries.

“Our life is punctuated nonstop by information, you cannot shy away from it, people are glued to screens, images, advertisements, photos, animations gifs all pound away at you everyday. This conspicuousness, it is the new landscape of our modern age. Being born in the city, and moving to various other large metropolises all I know is brick and glass. Buildings that used to be there, suddenly vanish, and huge structures that belonged to science fiction movies took their places, the pace and evolution of a big city is exciting and intoxicating, you are swept up and just go with the tide in this crazy flow and yet there is beauty in it and a certain form of ataraxia can still be found.” (Wang Jiajia, 2016)

Wang Jiajia has been exhibited prominently across the US, Asia and Europe. His solo exhibitions include It’s An Adventure, Lanng Art Center, Beijing, China (2016); Present Tense, Hai Gallery, London, UK (2014); Science Fiction, C5 Gallery, Beijing, China (2013); The Artist and the Spells, Red Zone Arts, Geneva, Switzerland (2013); Thinking About You, J Space, Beijing, China (2012); Home, Home Again, Alexandre Pollazzon Ltd., London, UK (2008). Wang’s work has previously been exhibited at the following group exhibitions: The Spaces We Know, Octavia Gallery, Houston, USA (2015); Adventure Beyond the Edge of Time, Eleven Howland, London, UK (2009); Dialegs Pictorics, Galeria Manuel Alzuerta, Barcelona, Spain (2008).

Wang Jiajia currently lives and works between Beijing, China and London, UK.


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