Zhong Wei

Zhong Wei (b. 1987 in Beijing, China) reflects on the way that social media has changed our experience of the world -- like how scrolling through Instagram or WeChat might bring together combinations of images we could never imagine. Zhong pairs the frenetic visuals of internet culture with textural elements reminiscent of classical Buddhist paintings in an exercise he refers to as "coupling." His technical skill is undeniable; his large, right canvases draw the viewer in and invite them to get closer in search of familiar characters and imagery. Just as we experience the digital world through a variety of channels, Zhong produces works across mediums. In paintings, installations, animations, and even video games, Zhong considers the resounding influence of the evolving digital realm.


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de Sarthe past exhibitions:

省電模式[■□□□]· phone died, 15 May - 3 July, 2021

易变 ░ 耦态°∶Nёメㄒ 乚ěVéし, 28 September - 16 November, 2019


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