Double Fly Art Center

Double Fly Art Center was established in 2008 by nine artists who all graduated from the China Academy of Art, Department of New Media Art in Hangzhou. Double Fly uses the title of “Art Center” to organize and produce projects that are seemingly related to contemporary art. They specialize in a great variety of artistic media and formats: traditional ones including Chinese ink and sketch, and new ones including modern dance and 3D animation. The famous multi-media artist Wang Twoball commented Double Fly: "Sometimes precise and sharp on problems of social system, sometimes delightful and free from the noisy world, they always appear eye-catching yet without deliberate efforts. They are natural stars, as highlighted by the public and experts.”  While the members all maintain creation of their own individual works, they are nonetheless known for appearing together in all kinds of occasions, performing actions that are confusing or ironic from a public perspective. For example, they once acted as the bank robbers in a bank which was during interior decoration to take away the rest of construction materials; they groaned like porn stars when they was having foot massage; they played with the computer games to group a rock and roll band and perform live; and they did mtv for themselves and made it a sale. They do not think their performance are relating to their artistic creation, so when they are invited to art exhibitions they always do something funny to play in the exhibition site. For instance, in 2009, in Shanghai’s m50, Double Fly’s exhibition Who cares about the future opened like a collection of their new MV Disk and T-shirts; in 2010 Beijing 798 Double Fly Palace, they turned the exhibition hall like a past time dirty theater to show their activity video; In the young artist group exhibition Get it Louder 2010, they made noisy and powerful mtv “Contemporary Business” to tease the art fair system itself; during the SH Contemporary 2012, they disguised as terrorists and live broadcasted to the world that they threatened to kill the arts, and to destroy the art works piece by piece should they not be granted the ransom.  They keep their creativity extemporaneous, always acting according to the here and now, representing popular subjects in a manner that is both profound and exaggerated at the same time.  The nine members currently live in various cities across China such as Hangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing.  

Member List:
Cui Shaohan、Li Ming、Li Fuchun、Lin Ke、Sun Huiyuan、Huang Liya、 Wang Liang、Yang Junling、Zhang Lehua 


de Sarthe past exhibitions:

The Bro Generation, 8 July - 10 September, 2017


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