Andrew Luk

Born in 1988 in Summit, New Jersey, USA, and raised in Hong Kong, Andrew Luk graduated from the New England School of Art and Design (NESAD) in Boston, Massachusetts with a BFA in 2010. In the same year, he also graduated from Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts with a BA in European History. 

Andrew Luk is a multimedia artist whose practice illustrates the ever-changing representation and perception of violence. Inspired by post-structuralism and Paul Virilio’s practice, Luk investigates how civilization regards itself in relation to nature. He examines civilization while studying the natural forces of entropy, anti-entropy, and preservation. Luk exemplifies these ideas through the Horizon Scan series, in which he uses homemade napalm—an incendiary agent that has been banned by the United Nations for wartime use—to torch and clear materials such as canvas, wood, and copper. The burned remains are then carefully collaged together, submerged in resin, and painstakingly polished for days. The final result shows the work lit from within, and illuminates an unfamiliar landscape that exists outside of the wall it rests upon. The layers seem to shift and slide depending on the passing of time and light. The way that the mutable patterns reveal their nuances and subtleties correlates with Luk’s perception of time.  

His work has been exhibited internationally including Capricious Structure, chi K11 Art Museum, Shanghai, China (2018), Emerald City, K11 Art Foundation, Hong Kong (2018); The Preservationists, Duddell's, Hong Kong (2017-18); White Cell, WING Platform, Hong Kong (2017); The Garden, K11 Art Foundation, Hong Kong (2017); Debris Constellation, Neptune, Hong Kong (2017);  Practice, de Sarthe, Hong Kong (2017); LIGHT & SPACE, 10 Design Architect Studio, Hong Kong (2017); Blindspot Gallery, Hong Kong (2017); At Wits' End, Kula Bazaar ACC, Gwangju, Korea (2016); The Imaginary Order, Gallery Exit, Hong Kong (2016); Change Seed : Contemporary art from HK & Beyond, Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle WA, USA (2015); ART MONEY, XXX Gallery, Hong Kong (2015); No Fixed Abode, Videotage, Hong Kong (2015); Cavity Lab, April 30th, 100 Condor st. East Boston (2011). 

He is the recipient of the 2016 Project Grant from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and the 2014 Emerging Artist Grant from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. 

Andrew Luk currently lives and works in Hong Kong.


DE SARTHE past exhibitions:

Practice, 2 - 9 September, 2017

de Sarthe Artist Residency x Andrew Luk, 12 July - 2 September, 2017



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