Samuel Swope

Samuel Swope, born in 1984  in Missouri, USA, is a research and studio based artist and technologist. He is most recognized for his research and development of aerial art. Merging multiple media and en- gineering practices, Swope constructs and controls aesthetic systems that work with air and are often themselves airborne. Throughout his research and studio practice he concerns the behavioral dimensions of control processes, and he often engages with issues on hybridity, atmosphere, autonomy, agency, and the non-human. 

His recent solo exhibitions include Ecotone, Design Society, Shenzhen, China (2018); Currents, Lotsremark, Basel, Switzerland (2017); Dead Air, 100ft Park, Hong Kong, China (2017); Updraft, updraft, A Walk with A3, Hong Kong (2017); and Hyperobject: rendering the non-human, Duo-solo exhibition with Fito Segrera, Chronus Art Center, Shanghai China (2016). 

Samuel Swope lives and works in Hong Kong.


de Sarthe past exhibitions:

Ready\Set\Fulfill, 13 March - 8 May 2021