Tong Kunniao

Tong Kunniao was born in Hunan, China. He graduated with a BFA in the Sculpture department of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2015. His body of works are as varied as paintings, kinetic sculptures, and installations.

One salient characteristic of Tong’s works is the assemblage of found objects, mass-produced commodities and/or recyclable materials to convey a subversive sense of humor that responds to contemporary Chinese society. The uncanny feeling generated upon viewing Tong’s work is a visual corollary of his distinctive absurdist vocabulary. His art is not only concerned with meaning, but also strategically plays on the confrontation between logic and material in a more relaxed, yet seemingly nonsensical manner.

Tong’s solo exhibitions include, Dreaming on Earth, Platform China Contemporary Art Institute, Beijing, China (2016); Why Don't You Eat Stinky Tofu?, Nicodim Gallery, Los Angeles, USA (2016); Tong Kunniao Solo Exhibition, Platform China Contemporary Art Institute, Beijing, China (2015). His recent group shows include Wizardly Spaces, Onehome Art Hotel, Shanghai, China (2015); Finding Friends: Discover Young Artists, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China (2015); and The Start of Long Journey 2015 CAFA Excellent Graduation Work Exhibition, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China (2015).

In 2014, Tong Kunniao’s works received the CAISSA Rising Arting: The Realm of Advaita Most Popular Award as well as The Second Tomorrow Contemporary Sculpture Award from the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.

Tong Kunniao currently lives and works in Beijing, China.


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