Current Reality, Hidden Barriers Lin Jingjing, Wang Guofeng, Zhao Jinhe, Zhou Wendou, Oct 23, 2014 - Dec 06, 2014


de Sarthe Gallery in Hong Kong presents “Current Reality / Hidden Barriers” exhibition, will include artworks by Lin Jingjing, Wang Guofeng, Zhou Wendou, and Zhao Jinhe.

The exhibition will focus on our current state of existence as a society. Everyday we are faced with paradoxes, which are overlooked and many times simply accepted without thought. There exists a drastic variation between how each human being experiences life and how they are directly affected by the world that we have created for ourselves.

Political and social issues, environmental pollution, media, identity crisis, poverty, and extreme consumerism: these are complications that we face every day. This group of Chinese artists is able to wisely discuss these concepts. Although they work in varying mediums they have all individually been compelled to discuss these issues, asking the viewer to question them.

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