Duncan Donut Alain Jacquet , Oct 23, 1991 - Nov 19, 1991


The Pascal de Sarthe gallery is very happy to introduce to the Los Angeles art community, the first time exhibited in Los Angeles, the work of the French born artist, Alain Jacquet.

Alain Jacquet belongs to the group of contemporary French artists working in the 1960’s. He was, at that time, one of the pioneers who understood the system of accelerated reproduction and multiplication into which the picture had been sucked, superimposing all sorts of images, breaking up images in reproduction, and transforming it during the reproduction.

About Alain Jacquet, “Catherine Millet of Art Press Magazine wrote, “I must say that I am particularly happy, at a time when the latest thing in snobbery is to be as blase as possible about the iconographic wealth of our society, to present an artist who, far from throwing In the towel, (with argument, along the lines of all images have already been explored, they no longer have anything to say to us), strives to inject his image, however familiar or stereotypes, with ever more meaning”.

The work exhibited in the gallery are large canvases painted by a 3-M machine, which is reading the photographic document given by Alain Jacquet . A distorted view of earth in space scanned with the laser and reproduced on the canvas with an electronic paint-brush. The canvases directly hang on the wall without stretchers and frames.

On October 23, 1991, the Pascal de Sarthe Gallery will open this exhibition of new works by French artist, Alain Jacquet, with a reception at its space in West Hollywood. The show will continue through November 15, 1991. Alain Jacquet will be in Los Angeles for a few days starting October 22nd.

Hours of the gallery are Tuesday through Friday, 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday 10am to 5pm. The location is in West Hollywood between Melrose Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard at 640 North La Peer.