Robert Indiana in Shanghai Art Museum Robert Indiana, Jul 05, 2002 - Aug 08, 2002


Among all the diversified western modern arts, Pop Art, originating from mid-later period of 20th century, is undoubtedly an important art school, not only influencing the western post-modern art history, but also cultivating quite a number of world-famous artists.

As one of the significant representatives, American artist Robert Indiana achieved his prominent fame in 1960's. His highly individualistic style of recreating letters and numbers, especially his gigantic "LOVE" has become a widely known signage. 

Indiana pays close attention to consumption society and media times' influence and dissimilation to the public, transforming letters and numbers into enormous visual symbols in his works. In a certain sense, these symbols have converted purely abstract forms into totem worshiping in modern society. Indiana's research in letters and numbers presents a whole new meaning of linguistics, eulogistic or ironic, fully reflecting humanity's accomplishments and perplexities in this epoch.

Today, Indiana's solo exhibition comes to China for the first time, which is certainly an exciting event for Chinese artists and art amateurs already familiar with this great art master. I believe Indiana's works would definitely invoke positive responses from Chinese audience.

Li Xiang Yang
Executive Director of Shanghai Art Museum


This exhibition has been organized in cooperation with Pascal de Sarthe and Morgan Art Foundation Ltd.