Rodin: Bronzes, Exceptional Early Casts Auguste Rodin, May 16, 2013 - Jun 22, 2013

Eternal Printemps, premier état, taille originale – variante type C, conceived c.1884, executed c.1887-1894, Bronze with dark brown patina, 67.2 x 54.8 x 36.3 cm

Eternel Printemps, Second état, 1ère reduction, conceived c.1884, executed c.1898-1907, Bronze with dark brown patina, 66.2 x 83 x 41 cm

Le Penseur, petit modèle, variante avec base arrondie, Augeste Rodin, Executed c.1905, Model conceived c.1880-1881, Reduction conceived in 1903, Bronze, 38 x 21 x 28.4 cm

Le Baiser, deuxième réduction, Conceived 1886, Reduction created in 1904, Executed in 1910-1918, Bronze with brown patina, 59.8 x 36.5 x 37.5 cm

Le Baiser, quatrième réduction ou petit modèle, Conceived c. 1886, Reduction created in 1898, Executed in 1898 - 1918, Bronze with brown patina, 25.2 x 15.7 x 16.2 cm

Baigneuse aux sandales, also known as Baigneuse aux babouches, conceived in 1898, executed in 1898, Bronze with brown patina, 42 x 17.5 x 19.6 cm

Masque de Madame Rodin (Masque de Rose Beuret), Augeste Rodin, conceived c.1882, executed in 1913, Bronze with black and green patina, 26 x 17.5 x17 cm

Buste d’Auguste Rodin, Untitled, Conceived c. 1888-1889, Executed in 1892, Bronze with dark brown patina, 40.7 x 26 x 28 cm

Installation view

Installation view

Installation view

Installation view

Installation view

Installation view


“Sculpture is the art of the hole and the lump.”

“Thus the forms and attitudes of a human being reveal the emotions of his soul. The body always expresses the spirit of which it is the shield. And for those who know how to look, nudity offers the richest meaning”

-Auguste Rodin

de Sarthe Gallery, Hong Kong, in collaboration with Nevill Keating Pictures, Ltd is proud to present a major collection of sculptures by the world renowned artist, Auguste Rodin. This exhibition will focus on rare and iconic bronze sculptures which almost all were cast during the artist’s lifetime. The exhibition includes different versions of works such as, Le Penseur (The Thinker), Le Baiser (The Kiss), and Eternel Printemps (Eternal Springtime).

Francois-Auguste Rene Rodin, known as Auguste Rodin, is one of the best known sculptors to have ever lived and his popularity throughout his own lifetime is unusual in the art world. Whilst being acceptable an d still pushing the boundaries of modern art, Rodin became know n to many as the ‘father of modern sculpture.’ Today, Rodin is still held in high regard and his sculptures are among the most renowned in the world.

A detailed and fully illustrated catalogue will accompany the exhibition, and will include a preface by Mr. Jerome Le Blay, author of the catalogue raisonne on Rodin.


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