Rotraut: Paintings Rotraut, Mar 05, 1988 - Apr 02, 1988


During the last decade, Rotraut has developed a body of work that deals with the fusion between primal forces in Nature and life experiences. She has created a synthesis that examines the powerful impact of these forces on the individual psyche, and has introduces a unique contribution to cotemporary art.

The format of the works is largely monochrome paintings, composed of square panels on which she attaches smaller square panels at a perpendicular, which creates diamond shaped metaphorical in content, and in another aspect of the works’ synthesis.

Rotraut suggests in this body of work that the contemporary period is a time of enormous change, and within this change there is a universal search for a sense of self and place. Her art addresses humankind’s relationship to Nature, and its role in this change. She creates, through a set of highly personal symbols, archetypal images that evoke feelings of mystery and wonderment. This illumination of our time has become her principle contribution to contemporary art.

The importance of Rotraut’s work has been recognized over the years with various exhibitions throughout the United States and Europe. In March 1989, a retrospective exhibition of thirty years of paintings opened in Kaarst, Germany at Gallery 44 and will tour to Hamburg in September at Keeser-Bohot.


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