Sculptures and Drawings Bernar Venet, Dec 10, 2014 - Jan 17, 2015


Two years after presenting seven monumental sculptures by Bernar Venet at the Hong Kong Cultural Center & Museum of Art Piazzas, de Sarthe Gallery is proud to exhibit, for the second time in Hong Kong, one of the most celebrated conceptual artists working today. de Sarthe Gallery will present a selection of small sculptures and drawings from Bernar Venet’s signature arcs, straight lines, and indeterminate lines. The sculptures and drawings are presented with the movie, ‘Venet/Sculptures’ by Thierry Spitzer, which will be projected on one of the walls in the gallery space.

Venet remarks, “My sculptures are all about how they are made and how metal resists. They are a test of strength, a battle between myself and the piece of metal. It is a struggle between the artist’s will and the rigid nature of the laminated bar. I suggest which direction to go, but I am guided by the metal bar, which in turn also resists me. There is an interplay of concessions. When I have to let the bar remain autonomous, the result is a testimonial both to the act of forging and to the possibilities of a material which I do not change beyond the limits of its natural characteristics”.

Throughout his career, Venet has employed a variety of genres including sculpture, drawing, painting, photography, as well as sound and performance to explore materials and forms, and existential questions of perception, time, and spatiality.


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