You, I, Among Us Lin Jingjing, Zhou Wendou, Wang Guofeng, Ma Sibo, Dec 18, 2014 - Mar 15, 2015


de Sarthe Gallery in Beijing shows a selected works by contemporary artists Lin Jingjing, Wang Guofeng, Zhou Wendou and Zhao Jinhe. It is a soft opening to our new space prior to the inaugural exhibition which will take place after Chinese New Year. The exhibition presents selected works by the four artists work on a variety of mediums ranging from photography, painting, and installation. Together their work raises questions about issues that are prominent in contemporary China as well as the world, such as identity, politics, environmental issues, extreme consumerism, public and private interactions in a society that we all live in. This ‘we’ could be anyone of us and anyone around us. This shared experience is the tunnel for the artists in this exhibition to present an individual paradox or group paradoxes of their longing for the unattainable dream.

The show exhibits installations such as Diamond Dreams, an installation by the artist Zhou Wendou exhibited in a dark room. The title comes from an old Chinese allusion: “Touch stone and turn it into gold.” The whole room has been lightened up by the awaken dreams of each stone. No matter how shiny the halo is, it cannot change the fact the stone is just a stone. The stone in the center of each diamond shape neon light is lightened up by the halo of the red, blue and white light. The space becomes a part of the artwork. Viewers are welcome to sit and enjoy the atmosphere the work brings in a space where art can be seen closely in an intimate setting.

Also on view is Public Memory by Lin Jingjing, a massive work which stands at roughly 4x16 meters is a powerful piece which discusses the artist’s concept of “Nobody knows I was there, nobody knows I was not there”. A simple yet intelligent statement which allows the viewer to take a deeper look at the individual roles each person plays in society.


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