Zhong Wei

Zhong Wei was born in 1987 in Beijing, China, where he lives and works today.


Zhong Wei's artwork takes form in immersive installations and canvases that speak to China’s vibrant but chaotic Internet-based visual language. Having compiled a massive database of memes and imagery found online, Zhong uses these ubiquitous images as raw materials for his work. While certain icons in his artwork are widely recognized, others exist merely as memorabilia from a specific time within his browser history. Much of his inspiration is drawn from traditional Buddhist art, which is referenced in the innumerable folds seen within many of his works. To Zhong Wei, the complex shapes conceived from these folds reflect the structure of humanity and culture. However, the concept that runs throughout all of Zhong Wei's work is an idea he refers to as "coupling." It is the notion that the endless flow of information on the internet generates random pairings, resulting in thoughts and energy that drives our current evolution and shifts in culture.


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