de Sarthe Artist Residency X Eugene Lun Eugene Lun , juil. 09, 2022 - sept. 09, 2022

À propos

de Sarthe is pleased to announce its sixth annual de Sarthe Artist Residency (deSAR) as well as its resident artist, Eugene Lun (b. 1998, Hong Kong. Lives and works in Hong Kong). The artist will create new artworks using the gallery as his studio, which will be open to the public during normal gallery hours throughout the duration of the residency. deSAR runs from 9 July to 9 September 2022 and will culminate in a 2-week exhibition.

Lun’s creative practice investigates the invisible boundaries in daily life; the unspoken rules put forward by the pressures of social conventions and norms. Contemplating this notion under the context of his residency, Lun will transform the space into a whimsical playground-like setting that defies the formal experience of visiting a gallery. In conjunction to physical interventions, he will also create an entirely new series of Augmented Reality (AR)-infused paintings, prints, and installations that feature an eccentric cast of comedic sausage characters.

Through overtones of humor and absurdity in both his imagery and design of the space, Lun aims to challenge not only the conventional etiquettes of gallery-visiting but the traditional modes of artmaking as well.

About deSAR

Inaugurated in 2017, de Sarthe's open-studio residency takes place in its 10,000sq/foot space in Hong Kong's art district, Wong Chuk Hang. In a city known for excessively high rent and exceedingly small spaces, the residency allows Hong Kong-based artists the freedom of a large arena to explore their creativity and actively encourages audiences to witness as well as potentially participate in the process of making art. The residency program aggressively challenges the conventional transition of dynamics between artists' studios and galleries--subverting both the notion of privacy within creation and altering the nature of a gallery space.