Every Artist Should Have a Solo Show Wang Xin, mars 19, 2016 - mai 29, 2016

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Every Artist Should Have A Solo Show is a solo exhibition by artist Wang Xin. It seems an unusual title an artist can always use a solo show. However it is not surprising that Wang Xin, who claims herself to be a serious art-world player as well as a serious art-world observer would come out with such a title. All of her work in this show can be grouped into her "Rose-Color" series, which are all about the art world and art system. Galleries, artists, art agents, artworks and so on have become her subject in her "Rose- Color" series' of artworks. This short exhibition introduction you are reading now probably as well. Who do you think it is written by? Curator? Gallery? Or the artist?

For the exhibition, Wang Xin is creating several new "Rose-Color" installation artworks including: Aura Restoration 1.0 etc. along with recent "Rose-Color" artworks including: We Create Future Artist Here, Let's Play in the Name of Art etc. Why "Rose-Color"? According to Wang Xin: The Art World is Sexy. Anyway, in short, every artist should have a solo show. Indeed. And here it is!


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