Manolo Millares - Antoni Tàpies: An Informel Step Manolo Millares, Antoni Tàpies, mars 29, 2018 - mai 12, 2018

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de Sarthe is pleased to announce a dual exhibition of Post-War masters, Manolo Millares - Antoni Tàpies: An Informel Step. The show opens in conjunction with Art Basel Hong Kong and the South Island Art Day on 29 March and will continue through 12 May.

Manolo Millares and Antoni Tàpies are two of the most recognized European artists of their generation. Both born in Spain, they are best known for their abstract assemblages and paintings. They gained international repute in the late 50s and early 60s. In the mid-50s, Millares helped found the avant-garde group “El Paso” (The Step), an important Informalist collective of artists in Spain active until the 60s. They aimed to innovate and renew the Spanish painting tradition through a radical new use of textures, materials and graphism. Working during the same period, Tàpies was a celebrated artist who played an important part of the Art Informel movement. He pioneered mixed media creation and is known for incorporating untraditional materials into his work like socks, dust, earth, and found objects.


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