Art Basel Hong Kong mars 21 - mars 25, 2023

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For Art Basel Hong Kong 2023, DE SARTHE is pleased to present Perceptible Escapisms, featuring new works by artists Lin Jingjing, Mak2, Wang Jiajia, Wang Xin, and Zhong Wei. Through visual explorations of the Internet, online culture, and simulated fantasies within intangible worlds, the featured works contemplate the evolution of existence in the technological era. With the rapid development of new technology and the constant influx of new information, living - or escaping - in the metaverse has become a source of inspiration as well as a creative tool for artists.

In an age of growing socio-economic and cultural complexities, contemporary artists have also developed meta consciousness through which they understand and comment on their surrounding environment - a paradigm in which the fetishization of art has become a form of self-gratification. Through references of the self and interaction with viewers, the featured artists present not only commentary on this phenomenon, but an introspective investigation into the different perceptions of art.

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