ARTSG janv. 12 - janv. 15, 2023

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For Art SG 2023, DE SARTHE is pleased to present Escapism, showcasing works by contemporary artists Ma Sibo, Mak2, Zhong Wei, Lin Jingjing, Zhou Wendou and Xinyan Zhang. In the post-pandemic era, there is an excessive demand for distraction and mental respite from reality, in an attempt to soothe the psychological conditions brought on by the past few years. Visualizing their own forms of fantasy, our featured artists explore unique perspectives of escapist phenomena, from peaceful and fantastical illusions, to deep dives into our internet and digital environment. Escapism unfolds in the exhibited artworks through imaginative pictorial realms that are surreal and utopian in nature, trasnporting us into an alternate world while also revealing truths about today’s social and cultural climate.