OVR: Portals juin 16 - juin 19, 2021

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To view and inquire about available works, please visit our Online Viewing Room using your Art Basel account from today to 19 June.


For Art Basel's OVR: Portals, de Sarthe is pleased to present works from Lin Jingjing's I am going to be a Beautiful Light Brighter than Many Ever See series (2016). This series is comprised of acrylic, print, and silk thread on canvas works that inspire resilience in the face of upheaval, both big and small, and are inspired by a creative use of time--providing a portal into the human spirit during the tremendous challenges of the 21st century.

Through meticulous compositional construction, the works utilize powerful sources of light and scenes of romance to evoke the imagination. They spark within viewers thoughts of boundless spiritual freedom in the face of oppressive worldly confines and challenges.

Lin Jingjing's artist statement for the series beautifully captures both her inspiration and thinking behind the works. It can be found in full below.

"The moment I realized that time could exist forever in an indescribable utopian space, I began to increasingly romanticize the absurdity in my work, leading them into a kind of adventure.

In times of uncertainty, create boundaries. When facing an iron-hard world, turn to poetry, to surprise, magic, and wit; only then can you endow freedom with new possibilities, and only this kind of freedom has the ability to resist pain and disaster.

The way I see it, it is a kind of persistence. It is evoking urgency through imagination, it is bringing the world a new moment with anticipation. This moment parallels reality; it overlaps and intersects with it. Within this glimmering and carefully constructed brightness, weightlessness turns to flying; anxiety into calm; and nonexistence exists.

There is no reality independent of subjectivity."


-Lin Jingjing, New York. April 2021