Christopher K. Ho in "Meditations in an Emergency" at UCCA Center for Contemporary Art

Christopher K. Ho in

Christopher K. Ho's installation CX888 is on view in the group exhibition Meditations in an Emergency at UCCA Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing from 21 May to 30 August 2020.

“Meditations in an Emergency understands implicitly that it will be seen by people wearing masks, standing two meters apart from one another. People whose temperatures have just been measured and do not exceed 37.2 degrees centigrade. People whose data trails can verify that they have been in Beijing for the last fourteen days. (Have we ever been able to assume so much about our visitors?) It grows, in the wake of other plans now discarded or postponed, from the uncertainty—epidemiological, economic, organizational—that has become our shared predicament. Working from the precepts of the world we now inhabit, it unfolds in five sections and asks questions about the everyday, about mortality, about animality, about globalization, about information.” (Official text from UCCA Center for Contemporary Art)


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