Cover Feature of Double Fly Art Center in Yishu

Cover Feature of Double Fly Art Center in Yishu

Artist group Double Fly Art Center is featured in the newest issue of Yishu in an article titled "Disquiet Riot: The Gravity Behind the Insanity of Double Fly".


"Their oeuvre is a kind of response to the self-importance of these institutions, which may not seem like such a valiant cause, but in an art ecology where the social discourse is informed by notions of face, rank and hiearchy, where there seems to be a kind of inflation of honorifics, from laoshi (professor - an honorable title that today is applied to a humble administrator or office manager) to a dashi (great master/maestro a tern used for supposed "geniuses"), this kind of a piss-take on society and the art system, this slaughtering of sacred cows, this critique of nepotism, family values, hero discourse, and power dynamics is not only refreshing but funny, too. Perhaps this is how they get away with it - using humour so that no one takes them seriously - as they roll a Trojan jackass right through the lobby of the museum." 


- Rebecca Catching

Disquiet Riot: The Gravity Behind Double Fly's Insanity


Read the full article here. (English)