de Sarthe in The Armory Show's "Insights" and "Platform" sections

Piers 92 & 94, New York
de Sarthe in The Armory Show's

DE SARTHE is pleased to announce its participation in the "Insights" and "Platform" sections of The Armory Show this year, showcasing important 20th Century masterpieces as well as our represented contemporary artist Wang Xin's experimental, social art project The Gallery.  The fair will run from 7 to 11 March, 2018, in New York.

The Gallery is a multi-media, experimental project initiated in 2014 by the Shanghai based artist Wang Xin. It presents an alternative framework to the art world and it is not a "gallery" in the formal or traditional sense. As an alternative exhibition space, The Gallery provides a platform that allows anyone who is interested in participating to exhibit his or her artwork. In The Gallery "artists" are not screened based on factors such as their professional background, market value, or recommendations from art world insiders. To a certain extent, the installation acts as a mediator, a vehicle for which anyone can be a part of the gallery system in the art world.

The Gallery is not a site-specific artwork. Its placement is variable, including art galleries, museums, art fairs and other social venues. Wherever and whenever it is presented the artwork develops an immediate, contingent relationship with the exhibiting space and audiences in a specific given time. The participants include artists, curators, volunteers and the audience (online or physically attending the exhibition), all of whom become apart of the artwork and are involved in making the resultant "happening."

By providing an exhibition site with basic equipment, individual artists and/or artist groups are invited to take up The Gallery's space and conduct immediate DIY art projects in a specific and limited period of time. The making of each exhibition, including its set-up, display, PR operation and dismantling, will be open for audiences to view.

For The Armory Show in 2018, The Gallery will host a new exhibition every hour. By providing an exhibition site with basic equipment, individual artists and/or artist groups are invited to take up The Gallery's space and showcase their artworks. Considering the location of the space, this time The Gallery will focus on engaging mainly local New York artists, although the open call will accept all applications regardless of locale. 


To apply or have more informaiton about "The Gallery", please click here