de Sarthe Releases DIY Excavation Kit by Andrew Luk

de Sarthe Releases DIY Excavation Kit by Andrew Luk

Andrew Luk's Speculative Relic Future Fossil is an interactive artwork that mimics and recreates the process of an archeological excavation. Each kit includes a sculpture of a recently antiquated device, such as a Gameboy, encased in a block of concrete. Using the tools provided, it is up to you to excavate and discover the artifact.


Andrew Luk

Speculative Relic Future Fossil


Concrete, acrylic, mortar, hammer, chisel, wooden pick, brush, gloves, face mask, goggles, sponge, emergency blanket

16 x 23 x 13 cm (6 1/4 x 9 x 5 1/8 in.)

Edition of 20

HKD 7,000


"The fossil here contains a human artifact first discovered in excavated homesteads in the city formerly known as Hong Kong, its precise function eludes experts; its widespread prevalence, however, has led to speculation that these fossils were once items of great value, possibly indispensable in everyday life. We hope the proliferation of these fossils help cultivate an appreciation for and understanding of past civilizations as well as the unknown mysteries contained therein. Please follow the instructions carefully with the tools provided for the process." - Andrew Luk.


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