Liang Ban's Performance "Outsiders of Life's Feast"

UCCA, Beijing, China
Liang Ban's Performance

As part of a public program series in conjunction with UCCA’s ongoing exhibition “The New Normal: China, Art, and 2017,” artists Liang Ban and Bella Dong present a special sound project titled “Outsiders of Life’s Feast,” in the Pavilion of Exception (Nave) from 2 to 4pm on 24 June 2017. Organized by Liang and Dong, a group of performers will put on an improvised dance performance in the Pavilion of Exception, each responding to the sound in their headphone with their body. The performance will transform the Pavilion into an engrossing sound stadium, where the wandering performers and audiences are invited into an estranged world utterly outside of life’s feast.


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