Wang Xin at the Second Shenzhen New Media Art Festival

Gateway One, Shenzhen, China
Wang Xin at the Second Shenzhen New Media Art Festival

The Second Shenzhen New Media Art Festival will commence on December 20, 2016 in Shenzhen, China featuring our very own Wang Xin. This biennale is the only festival in Mainland China to take new media art as its thematic focus. This event, which is based on the development of high technology and cultural & creative industry in Shenzhen, combines art, technology, culture and industry with depth, aiming to present to the public interactive atmosphere, participation opportunities, science and entertainment of new media art.

Wang Xin’s The Gallery provides a framework and a platform for contemporary new media artists, but it is not a gallery in the traditional sense. This installation provides a utopian-like intermediary role of bringing people from the outside and infiltrating them into the gallery complex system by subsuming the traditional notions of an art gallery. What sets Wang Xin’s gallery apart from other orthodox galleries lies in its name, which is simultaneously spontaneous but also generic in style. Participation at The Gallery is on a first-come-first serve basis subject to application approval. For more information on participating at The Gallery, please contact or visit The Gallery.

Exhibition programs at The Gallery

December 24, 2016: David Langley, Glitch and Stammer III

Zhang Yehong, 2016, Santa Claus’s Nightmare

December 25, 2016: Thomas C. Chung, Flying Still; Chris Q, Goodbye Lotus

December 27, 2016: Xie Lili, Karma December 28, 2016: Wan Xiaoting, Small Things

January 1, 2017: Qin Lingsen, Every Man Has One Destiny 

January 8, 2017: panfan, Mirror of the Soul

February 12, 2017: He Yu, The Endless Dialogue

Ferbruary 16: Nessma Elaassar and Nawal Salaheldin, Women of Egypt

February 17: Fan Zhizhi, A Poem Power of 1001