Andrew Luk at Power Station of Art

Power Station of Art, Shanghai, China
Andrew Luk at Power Station of Art

A Tree Fell in the Forest, and No One's There

Artists: Chan Ka Kiu, Oscar Chan Yik Long, Chi Po-Hao, Cheng Ting Ting, Mark Chung, He Yida, Lau Wai, Sudhee Liao Yuemin, Lin Aojie, Andrew Luk, Remy Siu, Nicole Wong

 "A Tree Fell in the Forest, and No One's There" is curated by Hong Kong based curators André Chan and Jing Chong Chinyin, and features twelve Hong Kong, Chinese, Taiwanese and Canadian artists, as part of Power Station of Art’s Emerging Curator Programme 2018. The exhibition will take place along-side the 12thShanghai Biennale. The show’s title comes from a philosophical conundrum: that without a present audience, would there be sound from a tree having fallen in the forest? In other words, is there a world beyond that which we can personally observe? 

Jettison Pod Interior (Cutaway), 2018

Designer steel sofa frame, foam washing machine insulation, resin, acrylic, tinted glass, cement, Xbox 360, motorcycle seat, ceramic shelves, automotive carpet

For this artwork, Andrew Luk takes inspiration from the way in which sci-fi fiction can act as historical account; its ability to indicate conditions and concerns for the time in which it was written. Jettison Pod Interior (Cutaway) is an artist’s rendering of a dual use spacecraft cockpit/ toilet imagined by the artist loosely based on Philip K. Dick’s Dr. Bloodmoney – a single human being escapes from the Earth just before a nuclear holocaust but is trapped in a satellite orbiting the Earth. After the bombs go off, as the only one with a radio transmitter, he becomes the sole purveyor of knowledge and culture, a symbol of human achievement before the war from which the survivors can rebuild towards. The work integrates various organic materials and remnants of human technology, narrating a contradicting tragedy of hope and loneliness.