Andrew Luk in "Serious Games" at HOW Art Museum

Shanghai, China
Andrew Luk in

Hong Kong-based artist Andrew Luk's interactive media artwork Autosave: Redoubt is currently on view at HOW Art Museum, Shanghai, in their group exhibition titled Serious Games. Autosave: Redoubt is a collaborative project between Andrew Luk, Peter Nelson and Alexis Mailles.

"Game theorist and critic Ian Bogost once pointed out that “we must begin to understand what games can offer us today: how they can serve as a mirror that presents a new view of our own experience of the world rather than as an window polished to an incrementally greater shine, facing that same green pasture of familiarity.”  In today's web interface, even those who never play video games are already video-gamers. It's all about how we define game and its meaning to us." (Official text from HOW Art Museum)


For more information on the exhibition, please click here.