Double Fly Art Center Solo Exhibition "Run Peachland Run"

SNAP, Shanghai, China
Double Fly Art Center Solo Exhibition

School of Visaul Arts Art Platform is proud to annouce Double fly Art Center solo exhibition Run Peachland Run.

Double fly Art Center has been established for nine years. For Nine Little Dragons of Double Fly, the annual spring is used to recall upsand downs of art.

Now, most of members of Double Fly havebecome husbands and fathers, feeling vicissitudes of time when they watch theSpring Festival Gala with their wives and children (or pets) together. At thispoint, they cannot help thinking that why not do something in this green andpink spring of the Year of the Rooster?

So, on March 4, 2017, in a high-rise topfloor of Bund of the luxury area in Shanghai, Double fly Art Center will set upa paradise for you, in which we can swept the floor, drink tea, paint sketchesand do other quiet things, enjoying the brisk wind and the acceleratingrotation. All friends go together willingly, seeing a dream of art come truewith aging artists.


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