Liang Ban in "Mirroring"

Aegean Place, Shanghai
Liang Ban in

"Mirroring: Aegean Place Public Art Project" is devoted to the popularization of contemporary art, creating the Aegean Place as an open, artistic and interactive city public space, leading the audience through the experience of art creation and thereby enriching the daily eperience of this world. "Mirroring" invites renowned artists from home and abroad, including Leandron Erlich, Hou Yong, Liang Ban, to create exclusive public works of art based on the geo-environment and spatial structure of Aegean Place, including works of paintings, installations, videos, site-specific arts and performance performances. 2017 The first "Mirroring" was jointly presented by Aegean Place and UCCA Beijing. It was jointly planned by You Yang and Che Xuanqiao.