Liang Ban in "Visuality is the Scene of Negligence"

Jimei x Arles International Photography Festival, Xiamen
Liang Ban in

Visuality is the Scene of Negligence is shown at Jimei × Arles International Photo Festival, with the aim of embracing a wider social context, exploring and discussing photographic art and image production, artistic creation and the boundaries of commercial mechanisms. One of our jobs is applying a reading of commercial images that puts these photographers' works in a completely different context - in your daily life, they may replace your elevator's real estate advertising or your computer desktop image. The viewing conditions will also change. Next to different mounting methods, they will be exposed to the rough lighting in the post-industrial era - office buildings, shopping malls, street lights or the beam of a car light passing through a projection. This takes you far away from the light you are accustomed to as you stand before an exhibit at the museum. You are no longer a well-prepared art spectator, and you go back to your daily identity, someone able to quickly switch scenes and apply business mechanisms to your life. What you are able to do now is screen the photographic art you see, or simply ignore it.

Artists: Chen Yi, Cheng Ran (1981), DevolutioN (2016), Dai Lei, Huang Zhenwei (1986), Jiang Hanming (1994), Candida Höfer, Dina Kelberman, Kim Laughton, Liang Ban (1985), Lin Ke (1984), Penelope Umbrico, Tao Hui (1989), Wang Haiqing, Wu Xihuang


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