Mak Ying Tung in "Invisible Cities"

Crow Collection of Asian Art, Dallas
Mak Ying Tung in

The art collective COMEINSIDE, formed by Hong Kong based artists Mak Ying Tung and Wong Ka Ying, conduced a performance titled "Unhealthy Wind" in  "Invisible Cities", an exhibitiom co-organized by The Crow Collection of Asian Art, Dallas Contemporary, and the Moving Image Archive for Contemporary Art: MIACA (Hong Kong).

COMEINSIDE’s new performance is inspired by the intentionally-posing girls’ photo shoots on social media. It explores how the subjects dress in stereotypical costumes of certain “girl” roles in daily life, and how they use props and exaggerated body language to create ridiculous, yet daily-seen scenes, and encourage viewers to take photos and make comments. This time they wear typical tennis outfits, with short skirts and head bands, each holding a tennis racket. A thread links the two rackets, upon which a tennis ball slides, from one side to the other. The sole purpose for the girls’ awkward poses and body movements is to keep the thread tightly pulled between the rackets so the ball will continue to slide.

Together, Mak and Wong use their pseudo “COMEINSIDE” brand and fake pop group personas to critique social norms and gender constructs in Hong Kong, as well as consumer culture’s influence on gender-based merchandise. The pair uses adolescent visuals to parody hyper-feminine culture, while appropriating stereotypes to turn them into strengths. The objectification of women is everywhere on the internet today; even the most common activities, like sports, are used as tools to promote the single standard of a desired, flawless woman: healthy, sporty, energetic, and young, with a tanned and tight body.


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