Wang Guofeng Gives Speech at Seoul Museum of Art

Seoul Museum of Art
Wang Guofeng Gives Speech at Seoul Museum of Art

"First of all I’d like to thank Seoul Museum of Art for organizing such an exhibition and the forum! Thanks to curator Ms. Kyung-hwan Yeo, and art historian and critic Mr. Jonathan Harris, with their interest in and support to my art, I could be able to show my work to Korean audience and share my art concept and ideas.

I am an independent artist from China. The art piece selected by curator Ms. Kyung-hwan Yeo for the exhibtion of the NK Project is entitled "North Korea 2012 No.5", one of the artworks in my North Korea series that I produced during 2011-2014. It was originated as part of the earlier Utopia series. The North Korea series is independent but found clues from the Utopia series. "

--Wang Guofeng


For the full script of the speech, please click here. (In both English and Chinese)