Wang Xin in "Presence: In the Name of New Media Art"

China Academy of Art
Wang Xin in

“Presence: Young Artist Exhibition” is unveiled on the ninetieth anniversary of China Academy of Art and is the perfect opportunity to understand, decide and display as a whole the merit of the education of new media art in the past seventeen years. More than fifty artworks are selected by the artists themselves for the exhibition. They were produced between 2005 and 2018 in a multitude of mediums and forms including photography, video, internet, animation, sound, mechanic and interactive installation. The artpieces, however, spontaneously construct two galleries, one overground and the other underground, with contrasting ambiences: the plaza space which is interwoven by games with revelries, movie theaters with building sites, and openness with privacy; and the cyber space which is swamped with elements of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, computerised cyborg, decadent city and magic realism to name a few. Ultimately, their appearance, presence and approaches drive us into a new world, a new reality and new aesthetics.

Artists:LU Lei, WU Junyong, SHAO Yi, ZHANG Ding,ZHANG Liaoyuan, WU Juehui, PENG Yun, LU Yang, JIANG Zhuyun, WANG Xin, MIAO Ying, LI Ming, LIN Ke, ZHANG Lehua, YI Lian, FENG Chen, CAO Shu, LANG Can, GUO Xi, DENG Yuejun, LIU Guoqiang, HU Weiyi, DING Shiwei


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