Xin Yunpeng's Film "Yanqi Lake" Screening at UCCA

UCCA, Beijing
Xin Yunpeng's Film

Established in 2016, “Film by Artist” is a non-profit program inviting contemporary artists to make short films, which are aimed at introducing artistic concepts and languages from diverse contemporary artists to a much broader audience through the media of short movies, and it also explores the possibilities of creating linkages between the concept of “video work” in a contemporary art context and the idea of “movie” in the wider cultural industry level. Meanwhile, it provides artists with a working platform that is differentiated from the present exhibition system in the art world and, thus, effectively stimulates the creative energy within the contemporary field of art by introducing alternative tastes and inspirations.

The film, written and directed by Xin Yunpeng and Ye Qiusen, recounts the story of a young artist who gradually comes to term with the mundanity of life. The 35-year-old artist, Duan Shuyi is driving with his friend. They share similar experiences in life, they understand each other, and they agree to disagree. As they grow older, their dreams and fantasies are shattered by the burdens of everyday life — They find it hard to go back to dawdling within the teaching system, yet they cannot deal with the anxiety from living a volatile life of impelled turbulence. They have to give up the young and free lifestyle and conform to structure. At the end of the film, as Duan’s shadow-like friend recounts an old story, their lives merge.


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