Xin Yunpeng's Solo Exhibition at The Bunker

The Bunker, Beijing, China
Xin Yunpeng's Solo Exhibition at The Bunker

The Bunker, located at No.3 Zhangzizhong Road, is the site of the former Duan Qirui’s Government Building, where the 3.18 incident occurred on March 18th, 1926. 1926 was an eventful year, in which Feng Yuxiang, Zhang Zuolin, Wu Peifu, Duan Qirui, Lu Zhonglin, Lu Xun, Li Dazhao and Xu Qian embarked on their political career, in the meanwhile, Northern Warlords, Japanese, the Western Powers, Soviet Republic, Comintern, Kuomintang, Communist Party and young students all tightly entangled in a political impasse. They played different roles in this turbulent historical drama, seeking their own respective interests until the day in March 1926 when they saw their own opportunity and hope. 



Xin Yunpeng re-examines this specific history through three videos and one site-specific installation, in which the time and space are deliberately undermined. 

Xin Yunpeng utilizes the specific geographical location of the bunker space and its closed, confrontational features of the military fortification to juxtapose the mirror images of history and reality, and enables the viewer to contemplate and experience, in this underground space, the driving ‘hope’, the dilemma in history, reality, society and life.


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