Zhou Wendou in OCAT Nanjing Public Art Project 2018

OCAT Nanjing Qixia Exhibition Site, Nanjing, China
Zhou Wendou in OCAT Nanjing Public Art Project 2018

Artists: KIM Byoungho, LI Binyuan, Michal Martychowiec, Sakarin Krue-On, Takahiro Iwasaki, YANG Jian, ZHOU Wendou

The first project is curated by Mr. Zhu Zhu, well-known art critic and curator. It is a three-year public art project called Temporality—OCAT Nanjing Public Art Project.  Temporalityemphasizes the creative understandings and expressions on “Now and Here”, reexamining the historic heritage, traditional values and modernization through artistic practices. Floating Booksis the first themed exhibition for this ambitious art project. Water is a floating book. It holds the key to our interpretation of time, memories, life, circumstances, ethics and wisdom. It is a natural vehicle for image composition, combination and disintegration.The French poet Paul Claudel once suggested, “everything the heart desires can always be reduced to a water figure”. 

In Zhou Wendou's view,  repairing cracked mud is a "healing" process, for nature and for himself. His "Borderless" is the mudcracks made of fiberglass, which ideally can fit the cracks of dried-out riverbed if it was placed on site. The artist sees crack as a border of the land, which dissappears or emerges at any time. He calls it "creating borderless space with borders".

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"Borderless" by Zhou Wendou at de Sarthe Gallery, 2015