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With a new approach to collecting and viewing art. Vincent de Sarthe opened an event art space that balances a passion for collecting along with an insight to the art market and its trends. The space is a continuation of DE SARTHE Hong Kong’s internationally recognized artists program as well as an ever-evolving roster of artists from around the world. The space will not function with set exhibitions but instead will implement a free form style of curation allowing it to form and grow organically.



De Sarthe Gallery proudly presents "Cosmos Inspiration," a mesmerizing exhibition showcasing renowned artist, Rotraut. With a career spanning over six decades, and a diverse repertoire encompassing forms, reliefs, paintings, and large-scale sculptures, Rotraut's artistic journey unfolds as a testament to her extraordinary vision.

Rotraut’s “Cosmos Inspiration” at de Sarthe Gallery will highlight her Galaxy paintings that act as awe-inspiring windows into the cosmic expanse, where her artistic vision intersects with the vastness of the universe.

Born and raised in the untamed landscapes of Germany, Rotraut's odyssey led her through the vibrant streets of Paris to the sun-soaked American Southwest. Her cosmopolitan influences are not only evident in her works but also in her seamless integration of three languages and cultures into her artistic expression.

Rotraut's philosophy, rooted in the belief that "nature is the essence," distinguishes her from her contemporaries. Embracing intuition and instinct, she disregards trends in her work. Her works, described by her as "free of cerebral," undergo intellectual analysis beforehand, allowing the creative process to flow unencumbered by the intellect.

Exposure to Pierre Restany's rigorous theorizing through her late husband Yves Klein, guided Rotraut towards a distinctive path. Her art is a thoughtful endeavor, with pre-analysis enabling the creation of works that resonate with sincerity and coherence. Her unending fascination with the cosmos and steadfast beliefs about the Universe, nature, and the embodied quality of art find validation in cutting-edge scientific developments.

de Sarthe Gallery invites art enthusiasts and the curious to immerse themselves in the profound and visionary world of Rotraut. "Cosmos Inspiration" promises an immersive experience that transcends time and space, urging viewers to engage with art on a level beyond the cerebral.

The exhibition will be on display at de Sarthe Gallery from November 25th to January 20th. Don't miss the opportunity to witness the evolution of an artist who defied conventions and embraced the essence of nature in every stroke, relief, and sculpture.

CONSUMPTIVE ATTENTION (Oct 7, 2023-Nov 4,2023)

"CONSUMPTIVE ATTENTION" is a captivating exploration by artist RON CONTRA into our modern world's tug of war between meaningful engagement and shallow distractions. In response to their own battles with addiction and digital saturation, RON CONTRA's art offers a striking commentary on our relationship with technology
Through a blend of dark imagery against vibrant backdrops, the exhibition envisions a future where nature and technology coexist, concealing underlying despair. Loneliness and loss become palpable through tormented faces and tearful expressions, echoing the artist's personal journey. As a Technoalchemist, RON CONTRA fuses magic and technology, creating visually enticing pieces infused with poetry and strange phrases generated by AI. The art invites us to question our dependence on technology and contemplate authenticity in a world where digital distractions abound. "CONSUMPTIVE ATTENTION" is an invitation to experience art without the burden of existential queries, where beauty is both subjective and universal. It encourages us to join the artist's relentless pursuit of the sublime, where VR headsets symbolize our quest for authenticity in an age dominated by consumptive diversions. Step into this immersive world, where RON CONTRA's art challenges conventions and beckons you to savor the essence of art itself.

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RETURN TO EARTH (APRIL 21, 2023 - JUNE 17, 2023)

On Friday, April 21st, a solo exhibition by Kristin Bauer titled, Return to Earth, opened at de Sarthe USA.

Known for working with text and language as symbols in various forms of art, Kristin Bauer’s art in Return to Earth takes a deeper subconscious approach to language and turns inward. Drawing from text generated from conceptual poetics of her personal dream archives and archetypal studies, the works emphasize embodied experience in their construction with water, air, bodily movement and final form. Large scale site specific installation, painting and plexiglass assemblage works simultaneously capture the elements of wind and water, transmuting unconsciousness symbolism into dada-esque messaging that moves amongst surfaces of canvas, cast acrylic, nylon, parachutes and draping flag forms. Bright and enigmatic, and simultaneously direct and ephemeral, this exhibition marks the first solo exhibition of the artist, in Arizona, in a decade and coincides with the international release of her new publication 'This is Like That: Kristin Bauer' published by Hirmer Verlag, in Munich, Spring 2023. Artist editions available at the gallery.

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SYNCHRONCITIES (APRIL 21, 2023 - JUNE 17, 2023)

On Friday, April 21st, a solo exhibition by Emmett Potter titled, Synchronicities, opened at de Sarthe USA.

Synchronicities is an audio visual art exhibition including projection mapping video sculptures, projected video art installation and audio visual artworks. The work exhibited was created as mantras, looped in repetition, varying in construction as sound-to-image and image-to-sound. Fluid abstract colors, in undulating sensual movements demonstrate Potter’s approach to video paintings, informed by both color field painting theories and atmospheric soundscape compositions. Potter titled the exhibition Synchronicities to emphasize the variation of sonic material artworks, vacillating between actual visual representations of sound frequencies, based on visual scores he composed, while other video works emulate sound in their rhythm and cadence.

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de Sarthe USA opening preview (July 29, 2022)

DE SARTHE first presentation with Mak2 aka Mak Ying Tung 2 (Hong Kong) and Zhong Wei (Beijing) who focus on what it means to be human in the years to come as societal pressures encourage people to participate in the metaverse and adopt it as the new normal. Mak2 reverses the migration process by creating her works in the metaverse and pulling them back into the physical world which in some ways acknowledges the transformation while defying its inevitability. Zhong Wei’s approach in his detailed paintings acts more as voyeur to this phenomenon as he pours countless hours, days and even weeks absorbing digital information and data to then release it onto the canvas in an attempt to take a snapshot of the chaos that is the internet today.

The backroom exhibits works by oil on canvas artist Ma Sibo who perfectly captures light and emotion as well as Rick Levinson who is debuting a new series based off of James Joyce’s novel ‘Finnigens Wake'. Finishing the back room shows a collection of works on paper by Los Angeles based artist Zak Smith. Smith’s works are included in several public collections such as The Museum of Modern Art, New York, The Whitney Museum of American Art, as well as The Saatchi Gallery, London.

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